How to impose financial literacy on your peers

I’m not much of a board game fanatic, but many of my friends and peers are. Perhaps this makes me an outlier, but group games seem to be a common hobby among my social group. There are subgroups among the board gamers too. You have those who go for the mainstream games like Settlers of Catan. Some of my friends like collaborative games like Pandemic, where everyone is playing to achieve a unified goal.

Others like strategic games with some element of chance. Fair enough.

Then you come across the super-intense board game fanatics who delve into games that no normal person would ever understand. Several months ago I was convinced to join in on a game called “Vast: the Crystal Caverns”, which was funded through Kickstarter and apparently very highly rated. Search for it online and you can be the judge.  I think I lost about two hours of my life in that game and still couldn’t really understand how it worked—this is coming from someone whose board game interest ended at Monopoly and Sorry!  Specialized games are just that; if you don’t fall into that targeted audience, you will be lost.

I came across a game the other day that would fit into that similar niche category.

Wi$e Money

Want to scare off your spendthrift friends? Bust out this game during get togethers!

That’s right. I’ve never heard of this game, but I’m not one in this demographic. Looks interesting. You might be able to scare off some of your party guests with this one.

Here’s a teaser question from the cover:

Q: “When you start a new job, what tax form must you fill out, and what does it do?”

I went to the company website and they also have high dollar games for companies. I guess that they aren’t a high volume business:

I guess if you have small number in your targeted audience, you can charge whatever you want for a board game.

Would you be interested in playing Wi$e Money? If so, we should do it at one of the financial blogger meet-ups!

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