Finance for physicians

I received a one-hour lecture once during the second year of medical school.  The lecture was held several days before the big pathophysiology exam, and it was clear that none of my classmates wanted to hear about retirement strategies.

This is the problem with medical education–there is simply too much material to master in too little time.  I certainly felt at the time that I wouldn’t be able to be great at medicine if I studied finance.

Medical education has hopefully become more well-rounded since I graduated, but the problem still stands that there isn’t enough time and brainpower to pack everything in.  The following are a few sections of important finance topics that will help get you up to speed on your money:

Roth IRA

The Roth IRA and backdoor Roth IRA (for high-income earners) seems to be one of the most common topics that physicians and their financial advisors talk about.  There’s nothing mysterious about a backdoor Roth, and all of us ought to understand even the basics.  Here are a few topics on the Roth IRA to get you started:

All Finance Articles

The following is a list of all the financial articles from the beginning. Read through them all or hop around to those ones that interest you! If you have any questions, write in the comments in the article!