Why I still shine my shoes

For a mere $8, I can have my wedges shined at the airport. Sometimes it will cost $10 or $13 after tip, depending on how generous I feel. It doesn’t break the bank, but it sure isn’t cheap either. I suppose that I could take my shoes to a local street vendor and save a few bucks, but that requires going out of my way to make an extra stop before going home.

This is a chore that I’ve wondered whether there is validity in doing myself. I probably have a pair of shoes shined every few months. The problem is that I have a good number of shoes.  Eventually the time and costs add up. How much do I need to earn in my primary job to make this worthwhile? Is it $100/hr, $150/hr, or $200/hr? That’s a tough call. I’d imagine that if I can command $500/hr consistently on a full-time schedule, I probably can’t be bothered to polish my own shoes.

But I don’t.

So  Shoe shining can be quite simple. All you need is shoe polish, a rag (old sock), and maybe a brush. Go ahead. Help keep your expensive leather pumps looking new.

why i still polish my shoes

Would you be willing to polish your own shoes?

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