Welcome Physician on Fire readers!

PoF probably doesn’t use this stuff for anesthesia.

I wanted to thank my current readers and welcome newcomers to the Smart Money MD website from Physician on Fire! We’ve got a great mix of content for physicians and those who want to be more financially-inclined. If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, please do so on the sidebar. You’ll get a FREE pocket-sized PDF financial handout like those your gunning classmates made in medical school!

Just to give the new readers an overview, I am a practicing eye surgeon who was not always financially conscientious.  I understood the basics of frugality, but I figured that most physicians had enough financial offense to withstand any sort of high spend rate. Not true, but we do fortunately have enough earning power to live very comfortably without having to sacrifice our lifestyles. This is where Smart Money MD comes in. Concise information from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

We try to keep the content coming at the usual schedules for dialysis patients (Yes, readers will have to deal with the bad puns). This means either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts, or Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday series for the non-medical folks. ?

Here are a couple of must-reads to get you guys started:

Are you turning away millions of dollars as an academic physician?

Stealth Wealth Revisited – This applies to doctors too!

Is a degree from a prestigious medical school advantageous for doctors?

You don’t have to be a doctor to be rich.

How Mustachian can a doctor be?

And here are a few non-medically related but financially frugal articles on DIY work to boot:

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Consumer Car Batteries

How to fund a backdoor Roth IRA

The Basics of Home Mortgage and how not to get scammed.

That’s it for now! Comment in the posts, and interact with your fellow financially-interested peers!

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