The FBI is calling for Emergency Medicine Doctors!

Yes, this is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Are you getting burned out by those late night opioid addicts hitting up the emergency room during your shift? Is the stress of the conventional ER bringing you down? I’m sure many of us have dreamed of finding an alternative career at times when we’re getting burned out by our healthcare system.

If you’re an emergency room doctor and want to have even more action, look no further. I was perusing the FBI website (yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation), and one of the specialists that they are looking for include EM doctors.

Accountants and Emergency Medicine doctors welcome! Anesthesiologists need not apply!

That’s right, Emergency Medicine doctors would be a good fit for the FBI! Many doctors speak another language too, so you could potentially fit several criteria for employment! I would imagine that physicians could actually be deployed in the field, since they can perform life-saving measures in combat.

Interestingly enough, there is a strict age requirement between 23-37. I assume that these positions are physically demanding, and anyone over that age may not meet the health requirements.

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@WCI, you’re over the hill! Would a log of all your heli-skiing and canyoneering trips count for physical fitness?

Emergency medicine doctors are in a unique situation in that their residency training is relatively short–many programs still train for 3 years while some train for 4. On average, you can be a board-certified EM doctor at age 29. That means you can have a solid 8 years to apply for the FBI before you get ousted for being too old. If you are accepted, you can work up to the mandatory retirement age of 57.

What is more important for our finances is whether joining the FBI will count towards your years of PSLF…

EM doctors! Would you want to join the FBI?

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