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Step by step instructions to replace the Mansfield toilet flush valve seal

Step by step instructions to replace the Mansfield toilet flush valve seal (lifestyle, handiwork)

This is the third installment of basic handiwork tips for the busy professional. Prior tutorials include:

This repair job involves replacement of a flush valve seal in a toilet tank. This seal forms a barrier between a toilet flapper and the porcelain tank. After many years of water corrosion, the seal often deteriorates and results in water loss into the bowl. Often with additional corrosion the seal forms a vacuum and flushing becomes more difficult.

The toilet that I will be repairing is a 1.5gpf Mansfield #160 toilet. The flush mechanism is a vertical flush valve without a plunger:

mansfield toilet #160

Here is a picture of the valve seal that has decayed. The seal fits like a washer and can be removed relatively easily from the plastic flush valve tower. It can be purchased at a local hardware store (Lowe’s) for about $2.

mansfield flush valve seal

Of note, Mansfield toilets must be fit using their own flush mechanisms since the tank often does not have a standard type fit.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet (valve is usually next to the toilet connecting into the wall).
  2. Flush toilet to empty tank.
  3. For the Mansfield toilet, turn the flush valve tower counterclockwise to unscrew it from the tank.
  4. The flush valve seal can just be lifted from the tank and replaced with the new one.

That’s it! Comments or questions? Ask below!

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