Do you want to be a winner? How to win in life

I tend to stay out of politics and out of political discussions in all situations. However, it’s impossible to avoid hearing about the political discussions if you watch the news or read anything online. It’s also interesting to learn about each candidate’s personalities. I found it particularly entertaining that one candidate called himself a winner.

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What does being a winner mean?

A “winner” is generally construed as a successful person in life. This certainly has different definitions depending on who you ask. In medical school, I had classmates who somehow considered not getting AOA (generally the top 5% of your graduating class) to be a failure or not getting one’s first choice in residency a failure. If that is the case, then most doctors are failures.

I know plenty of foreign medical graduates and doctors who were horrible students who run departments in well-known institutions, and an even greater number of them who earn more and work less than some of the most successful graduates from top medical schools and residencies. Are the lesser qualified doctors winners?

In order to become a winner, you must define the term for yourself.


Does being a winner mean that you are the most knowledgeable physician in your field or subfield? Does it mean that you have maximized your understanding of a particular subject? Or does winning mean that you are outrageously rich?

Make sure you want to be a winner.

Once you’ve established what your perception of what a winner means to you, you have to ask yourself if that is an achievable goal and that it is something that you want to accomplish. Be prepared to lose some sleep in the process. Map out a plan, and work at it every day.

Go become a winner.

  1. Start early and go hungry. Time is your biggest ally. If you want your savings and investment accounts to grow, you must start early and let compound interest work its magic. The sooner you figure out your goals, the more time you have to make mistakes and learn.
  2. Out hustle your competition. If you spend enough time on a subject, you will become an expert at it. If you spend more time on it than everyone else, you’ll likely become the definitive resource for others.
  3. Sleep less and work more. No pain, no gain. One hour less of sleep in exchange for work will undoubtedly result in increased productivity. It may not happen every day, but do it for a year and I bet that you will accomplish more.
  4. Rinse and repeat. Keep adapting, and roll with the punches.


What other strategies have you implemented to become a winner?

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